Is ionized water good ?

What is the ionization process and its application? Is ionized water good? Learn about Electrolyte water purifiers with the World of Electrolytes.

What is ionization? – Nowadays when people talk about ionization, people often hear about concepts such as ionizing radiation used in medicine or ionized water to help supplement the mineral. So what is the ionization process and its application? Let’s take a look at today’s article to get a better idea of these concepts.

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1) What is ionization?

According to WIKI, this is the process of creating ions or charges called ionisation – the process of an atom or molecule charging a positive or negative charge by receiving or losing electrons to form ions, often accompanied by Other chemical changes.

Positive ions are formed when they absorb enough energy (this energy must be greater than or equal to the interaction potential of the electron in the atom) to release the electrons, which are called free electrons. Negative ions are formed when a free electron hits an electrically neutral atom that is instantly captured and establishes a potential barrier with the atom, because it no longer has enough energy to escape the atom. This too should form negative ions.

2) Ion classification of ionization process

The ionization process produces two types of ions: the negative electrode and the positive electrode.

Positive ions are also called free radicals. You’ve probably heard of the link between free radicals and health, typically cancer. Other health problems you encounter when exposed to lots of positive ions are worth paying attention to. Fatigue, nervousness, weak eyes, skin problems, respiratory problems, weakened immune system … That’s when you need to minimize contact with your phone and laptop or find solutions. measures to curb the increase and effect of positive ions on you.

Negative ions (Anions) are particles that can release negative charges when in a neutral state. Negative ions are particles that are beneficial to human health. They help boost energy, so negative ions are also called “airborne vitamins.” In other words, negative ions are negatively charged atomic oxygen.

3) The positive impact of negative ions from ionization on human health

Negative ion is the “Vitamin of the air”. Negative ions have a direct and important impact on human health. The positively and negatively charged elements will attract to each other. Negative ions will be negatively charged or attach to smoke, dust, and positively charged bacteria. This process continues continuously until the impurities are heavy enough and fall out of the atmosphere. Therefore, the higher the air density with negative ions, the cleaner the environment will be, the less pollution it will have.

In this day and age, people tend to work in the office environment in air-conditioned offices and computers where the negative ion concentration is much lower, even zero. If people stay in this environment for a long time, they will have symptoms such as shortness of breath, mental insecurity, stress, and illness.

4) Ionization right in everyday life

Ions are considered a good source of vitamins for human health. Ions are available in the air because the air we breathe every day is naturally electrostatic, including positive ions and negative ions, in which negative ions are particularly positive for muscles. be. Therefore, the ionization is partly the result of the affected air quality. An example can be seen that at the time of a storm, the weather will become hot and the body will feel uncomfortable or even breathless because at that time the air is adding positive ions. Meanwhile, after the rain, the raindrops will carry negative ions that make us feel much more comfortable.

Cities are areas that contain negative ions of at least 100 (negative ions) / cm3, which is why many people often go to places like mountains, countryside or the sea to rest.

In addition to the effects of nature, humans also cause significant impacts on air quality. Industrial development, skyscrapers close together, and industrial emissions daily cause the air to be positively charged, resulting in more people becoming infected with asthma, allergies and other problems. on health such as fatigue, headache, distraction.

5) Make full use of the effects of ionized water

Recognizing the significant effects of negative ions on human health, on the electronics market today, many manufacturers have researched and launched product lines that create negative ions, helping to increase negative ions. In the air, both detoxifying and creating negative ions has an effect of balancing the charge, increasing the body’s immunity. In addition, there are some negative ion generators that can be integrated with air conditioners to reduce the amount of positive ions generated from electronic devices such as printers, photocopiers, etc. Perhaps this is good news for many people, especially in the middle of the office, they are people who often work in an air-conditioned environment where there is a low negative ion density.

However, while investing in negative ion generation equipment is a temporary measure, there are still many other effective measures, with long-term effects, more positive effects from inside the body. These include alkaline ionized water, which is manufactured using electrolytic technology, and alkaline ionized water is now a smart choice for good health.

The acidity in the solution depends on the amount of hydrogen (H +) positive ions, while the alkaline concentration in the solution depends on the combination of hydrogen and oxygen, they are supplemented with free electrons, negatively charged, and are called is the hydroxide ion (OH-). While the human body accumulates more and more acidic levels, partly due to unhealthy eating habits or the body’s frequent stressful state, alkalization becomes even more important. Now, help maintain health and help the body prevent disease.

With the ability to create water rich in hydroxide ion and hydrogen molecules, electrolyte water generator will probably be a superior choice than conventional negative ion generators. In addition to providing the body with the necessary amount of mineral ions, alkaline ionized water also provides health improvements for those who experience water.

Water undergoing electrolysis (ionization) from an electrolyte also produces light acid water containing hydrogen ions and oxygen molecules with many other benefits such as helping to support beauty or to make kitchen appliances more shiny.

Ionization always exists in the daily life of people, and has positive effects on human health which we cannot deny. In addition to the current negative ion generation devices on the market, we can take full advantage of these effects of ionization by using alkaline ionized water generators.

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